Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils are cold pressed, using as little heat as possible for extraction. The viscosity of oils varies with each type, as does the ease of absorption into the skin.


What does Cold Pressed mean?

The concept of cold-pressing dates back more than 150 years, and is the most efficient and natural method of extracting oils from seeds. Each machine contains two screws, which revolve and then literally squeeze the oil out of the seed at a low temperature. This process creates a by-product known as meal or cake, which is suitable for use in animal feed.


Benefits of the cold-pressing and filtering process include:

  • Oils produced in this way have a low peroxide value (PV).
  • More of the natural nutrients in the oils, such as essential fatty acids and vitamins, are preserved.
  • The filtering process will extract the waxes, remnants of seed husks and other sediments out of the unfiltered oil.
  • The resulting cold-pressed, filtered oil is beautiful and clear.