Creams and Gels

Nature’s remedies have been used for centuries, enhancing body and mind and lifting the spirits. The blends we use have been lovingly developed from traditional recipes.

Frankincense & Rose Face Cream with herbal extracts and essential oils is rejuvenating, moisturising and nourishing. This excellent face cream is exceptionally beneficial for dry and mature skin. It remains a firm favourite with our customers.

Neroli & Aloe Face Cream and Jasmin & Mimosa Face Cream are lighter and have a mild sunscreen effect, aiding your skins natural defences against the sun.

Echinacea Cream with moisturising Sweet Almond Oil is a soothing all-round skin conditioner. It is almost scentless and therefore suitable for men and sensitive skin types.

Burdock and Chickweed have been used traditionally for many years. This blended cream also contains soothing Aloe Vera and is especially kind to problem skin.